Case Studies

Case Studies

In this series, we are featuring NCD treatment, care and prevention approaches that are producing results around the world.  We are preparing these case studies for journalists and policy briefings, and hope they will ignite the imagination and energy of other organizations.

Innovative Action Against Non-Communicable Diseases
These case studies were developed with Arogya World intern Elizabeth Nussbaumer, and produced in collaboration with Global Health Council (GHC). We thank Craig Moscetti of the GHC for review, and also thank Dr. Karen Siegl from Emory University, co-founder of the Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network, for strategic advice on the case studies.

A Case Study on Agita São Paulo: Defeating NCDs through Physical Activity
This case study was published in Global Health Magazine.
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An Unhealthy Relationship: NCDs and Salt The UK Initiative for Salt Reduction
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Protecting Women and Preserving the Family Core: Cervical Cancer Prevention in Thailand
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The Critical Role of Leadership in Tackling NCDs: The New York City Formula
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We plan to produce several case studies each year and are always seeking opportunities to highlight new research and approaches that work. Please contact us if you know about programs or studies we may wish to feature.