Global Advocacy

Global Advocacy

It is critical and urgent that non-communicable diseases (NCDs), so far under-recognized, and conspicuously absent from the global health radar screen, occupy a central place on the global health agenda.

We Must Act Globally

We have reviewed the advocacy work being undertaken by other NCD organizations, and have decided to focus on the following activities that are complementary to other ongoing work:

Outreach to Women
Much of our work focuses on mobilizing women to ignite action against NCDs and create a healthier future for women and children everywhere.

Op-Eds and Media Outreach
We are writing and publishing influential articles on NCDs in widely read online and print publications to highlight the NCD epidemic.

Case Studies
Arogya World is featuring NCD treatment, care and prevention approaches that are producing results around the world.

In addition, we regularly publish and promote blog posts, which are featured on prominent Global Health websites. These posts are used to encourage discussion on social media platforms. We also have an active Twitter campaign that is helping to get NCDs the attention they deserve.