Who We Are

Who We Are

Arogya World (www.arogyaworld.org) is a global health non-profit organization working to prevent NCDs, non-communicable diseases, through health education and lifestyle change. We engage with health leaders as well as individuals to help people around the world lead healthier lives. Our mission is reflected in our very name – Arogya in Sanskrit means to live a life without disease.

NCDs, which include diabetes, heart disease, cancer and chronic lung diseases, are among the biggest health and development challenges of the century. Today, two out of three deaths are due to NCDs and 80% of the deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries. According to the World Economic Forum, the cumulative economic burden of NCDs will be staggering $47 trillion* globally by 2030.

* including mental health

Prevention is Key

We believe deeply in disease prevention through healthy living. According to the World Health Organization, 80% of heart disease, 80% diabetes and 40% cancer can be prevented by avoiding tobacco, increasing physical activity and eating healthy foods.

Our Work in India

2011 CGI Commitment Maker

In India, a country with a massive diabetes burden, and where the average person develops diabetes ten years earlier than in the West, we implement scalable diabetes prevention programs, educating and empowering housewives and farmers, working adults and school children to take definitive steps towards leading healthier lives.

With our India-based programs we are taking the first steps towards building a chronic disease prevention model for the developing world.

mDiabetes was a 2011 Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action, and Arogya World’s flagship program. In partnership with Nokia, we have reached over 1 million people in India with diabetes prevention text messages.

CGI 2013 Commitment MakerHealthy Workplaces, a 2013 Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action, is our program to motivate companies in India to invest in workplace wellness through pioneering awards and innovative mHealth and diabetes prevention programs. We have committed to helping 100 workplaces earn recognition as Healthy Workplaces by 2016.

The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) convenes leaders to turn ideas into action. CGI Commitments to Action represent bold new ways that CGI members address global challenges—implemented through new methods of partnership and designed to maximize impact. Commitments can be small or large, global or local. No matter the size or scope, commitments help CGI members translate practical goals into meaningful and measurable results.

Healthy Schools is a two-year educational campaign, through which we’re reaching and teaching middle school children in India about diabetes and its prevention and instilling a lifelong respect for exercise and healthy eating.

In addition, we’re planning a global survey of 10,000 women on the exposure to risk factors and the impact of NCDs on their everyday lives. Our objective is to use the voices of women to move governments to action and mobilize women around the world to steer their own families to healthy living.

Our approach is to leverage strong science, medical and non-medical experts, public-private partnerships and modern technology to make measurable public health impact. Arogya World is becoming known in the global health community for championing NCD prevention, for our bold goals and results-driven approach, for using mobile technology to improve health outcomes, for engaging with leaders and individuals alike in the fight against NCDs.

Arogya World is proud to be a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment Maker. We are a member of the NCD Alliance’s Common Interest Group and participate actively in the US-based NCD Roundtable.

Arogya World is a US based 501(c) 3 organization, committed to changing the course of chronic disease, one community at a time. To further advance this work, a Trust has been established in Bangalore, India.